Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Why is the world in love with Japanese street fashion?

Why is the world in love with Japanese street fashion?

Why is the world in love with Japanese street fashion? Looking through the multitude of Japanese street wear fashion magazines such as ViVi, NONNO, CanCan, Elle, Ray, JJ, I finally realized why Japanese fashion has made a mark in the fashion world: Japanese fashion is full of DETAILS. From the top of their head, to the tip of their toes, it seems like they have spent careful thought in selecting every single piece of their clothing. It’s not how each piece of clothing looks. It is about how each piece of clothing complement each other. It is about a look that tells people: ‘Hey, I spent about 3 hours today getting ready, and I look good’. That’s why “Japanese fashion” in the eyes of most Japanese fashion lovers is not a particular style, but a total look of completeness.

On a trip to Japan last year, I walked through the streets of Shinjuku in my Miss Sixty jeans, GAP tee shirt, North Face jacket and black square-toed 2.5 inches square heeled boots, and I felt like a total hag! All the Japanese girls around me were – in my opinion – utterly chic, stylish, and trendy. Were they sporting anything in particular that made them look so fashionable? These girls were in high-heels, kitten-heels, flats. They were wearing long skirts, minis, a-lines, full bell skirts. They were wearing snug sweaters, loose-fitting tunics, sexy tops, tee-shirts. I couldn’t pinpoint a specific look… then I looked harder and caught sight of the bright multicoloured leggings, the richness of material in their apparel, the mix & match of bright deep colors, the uniqueness of their shoes. They all had set hair dyed to perfection with the ‘in’ colors, little purses and totes that they carry in the crook of their arms, the shiny accessories and jewelry To complete the look. I finally realized what I’ve been lacking in my search of being IN-Fashion: The follow-through in completing the final look. It didn’t matter what the actual ‘style’ of clothing were. Now I might not exactly want to look like that in America. But I will definitely strive to pay more attention to details in the future. Maybe one day, someone will stop me on the streets to take a picture of what I am wearing so that they can feature me in their street-fashion magazine.


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