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Fruits photographer
Here's the raw copy from an interview with Fruits photographer Shoichi Aoki - it contains questions that members of this community contributed, so thanks to all you who gave me a hand !!!

The worldwide explosion of Japanese-influenced fashion on the world?has had far-reaching and massive impact, leaving in it's wake a cult surrounding you and your work, even to the extent that the fashion is being generally called "Fruits". Do you feel it was because of the release of the first Fruits book that this was able to come about?

-- I have been unaware about the trend of Japanese “FRUiTS " fashion in the world - but if there was influence, I believe that not only comes from this book, but comes from the power of creativity projected from the people portrayed in Fruits.

The fashions featured in Fruits are inherently Japanese in its expression borrowing from traditional costumes and using Western fashions in an unconventional manner. How do you feel that followers in different countries are able to interpret that?

-- I do not think that Japanese boys and girls who are shown in the book are conscious about the traditional expressions borrowed. I think it just happens unconsciously.?I am also aware that the spirit of London's street fashion is a great influence.

"FRUiTS fashion" originated from a small group of people that were reluctant to dress like everyone else, so it developed by the repetition of creating new styles each time the majority made the style a trend. That is why it is against the spirit of FRUiTS fashion to imitate the style of FRUiTS. I believe the FRUiTS fashion is to make a different style from the FRUiTS fashion.

Do you feel the fashions in Fresh Fruits are as original as in the first book and how have they developed?

-- The concept for "Fresh Fruits" is the same as the first - even the way it is photographed, and edited. There is also an overlap in the time for the photoshoots between the two books, so I believe the “originality” is the same as well.

However since there has been a period of time after the first, people probably have a better sense of coordination of the style they want.

This is what I call the 2nd Decora Era, when fashion really gets characteristic.

(The fashion shown on the from cover) (A few shots can be seen on the first book as well)

Why do you think that the fashion subcultures such as ganguro, decora and Gothic Lolita came about and why? Are there any new styles emerging?

-- It would be called fashion Ganguro and Gothic Lolita as a subculture. All the boys and girls with the same attitude and which attitude most people would call weird get together using fashion as a key. It has more meaning as a key than as fashion.

For the youth in Japan, it is important to have friends to hang out with. Many of them who are wearing Ganguro and Gothic Lolita fashions tends to be hard to make friend in normal way. By dressing with the same queer style to be looking different from others, individuality has to be lost, but their fellow feeling gets stronger. Both styles are far from the soul of FRUiTS.

To the contrary, Decora comes purely from pursuing fashion.

I don't think there are fashions characteristic enough to be named now.

I myself do not like to categorize fashions by naming them.

At the moment, Boys from a generation as lightly older than FRUiTS are creating a new style of fashion.

I have been reporting that in the magazine "TUNE" for a year.

What are the cultural and social events that led up to this outburst of fashion?

-- I wouldn't know-it is mystery. The ideas as if it were realized probably aren't right either.

I don't think anything acted as a direct trigger-but all this makes a foundation-Japanese people had a different perspective for fashion after the Designer Brand Boom in the 80's such as comme de garcon emerged. Then there is a city called Harajuku, the city is just place that there was a movement called HOKOTEN- was the first outburst of youth culture to get out from stereotype-once before. Plus the sense of beauty is running in our Japanese blood.

Also, since it is no longer nearly as shocking since it is almost commonplace, how do youths stand out from each other?

--The fashions seen in FRUiTS was not created to stand out, but created a small group of people hate to be style as common as other people. So if the fashion became a trend, naturally the style for this group would change. FRUiTS isn't edited in an chronologically order, so it’s hard to see that there was a plain trend as well .when everyone got loud, the people moved toward plain. After the trend of fancy hair color and hairstyles, brown hair was the trend, and now everyone has black hair.

What is the best reaction he has come upon when someone was asked to be photgraphed?

-- There was a silent rule between the people photographed not to do anything to attract my attention. There were no over reactions, they just got photographed quietly.

That basic style came naturally. People who over react are considered being uncool.

What is your favorite style?

-- I like suggestive styles that are challenging. I prefer clothes layered than simple.

What do you think about Gwen Stefani and her new publicity stunt she's pulling with "Harajuku style" and "Harajuku girls" following her?

-- I do not know.

FRUiTS magazine has seen many trends and fads grow popular and die again and, currently, the scene seems to be stuck on a style that has started to look rather Western. What do you think the future of Japanese street style will be like?

-- If I could predict that, I would lose interest.


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